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‘Thomas Was Alone’ Creator Announces the Modder-Friendly ‘Volume’

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voume1smallThe man who turned a minimalist platformer into a masterpiece of storytelling is ready for his next project.Thomas Was Alone mastermind Mike Bithell has unveiled Volume, a rather ambitious stealth-based title. Unlike your Solid Snakes, Sam Fishers, and Agent 47’s,  the protagonist, currently known as [REDACTED], seeks out his infamy by committing crimes without spilling a single drop of blood. [REDACTED] must rely on his wits rather than his brawn or firepower to rob each level blind.

While Volume will be launching with hundreds of environments to sneak around in, the game will also launch with a strong modding tool. Players will be allowed not only to “remix” existing environments in the game, but they will be able to create their own unique environments and release them to the world.

Volume is set to be released some time next year, but more details on the game, such as the protagonist’s real name, releasing platforms, and a sneak-peek at the story will be revealed at the GameCity festival this October in Nottingham. To whet your appetite, here is the announcement trailer:

For more information on Volume, please visit the official website.

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