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Thomas Alsop #1: Island Hands

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For the world of weird & spooky, comes a new title sure to slack your thirst for ghostly tales, Thomas Alsop! Spanning five generations, Thomas Alsop is a cool and hip supernatural title from Chris Miskiewicz & Palle Schmidt, and published by Boom! Studios.


Thomas Alsop #1
Writer: Chris Miskiewicz
Artist: Palle Schmidt
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Release date: June 18, 2014

Get your copy of Thomas Alsop #1 (of 8) today!

Thomas Alsop is definitely the American equivalent of John Constantine: Hellblazer. If you never read that wonderful title, think Doctor Strange but a lot less gaudy. Set in New York (of course), the story follows Thomas Alsop, as he introduces us to what it is that he does; protecting the island of New York from evil magic influences. Doing so with strange powers and the title of “The Hand Of The Island.” Thomas Alsop’s powers have also made him a bit of a celebrity, with the world thinking he is a magician.

This new title of Thomas Alsop gives us a brief origin story, if you will. One that feels complete with out having to give way to a lengthy explanation. Or, one that takes up an entire issue. We are also introduced to Thomas Alsop’s great great grandfather, Richard Alsop. Richard first inherits the power from local Native Americans. Also intrioduced are Richard’s sons and wife, with the former being enthused by his father’s new profession and the latter evidently terrified of him–and his new power.

The artwork in Thomas Alsop is good, and the water-color style of panel-art seems to be quite popular right now. Which is fine because Palle Schmidt does a great job with it. I really like the way he uses only black & white, for the shots that take place in the past, making each panel feel much older. And using the infusion of color, in the present setting, to represent modernism and technology. I’m excited to see how the ghosts and monsters will look, as the series goes on.

More talent is coming into the genre, and horror seems to be coming back in style, as a result. I’m pretty happy with that, and wish best of luck to the new stuff coming out. Stay spooky, and check out Thomas Alsop today!  The coolest and newest Warlock on the block!

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