This Week In Bullshit: Konami drops Six Days in Fallujah

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Well it’s been rumoured for a few days now but today, it was confirmed by Konami that the controversial Six Days in Fallujah, has been dropped by the company just around three weeks after announcing the game. Is it honestly surprising, given the amount of anger it received from the “public”? Not really, but it’s still a shame to see that Konami doesn’t have the balls to give this game a release. I mean, it’s perfectly fine to recreate the horrors of World War 2 over and over again, killing Nazi after Nazi and Japanese after Japanese. It’s also alright to repeat the horrible Vietnam War as well as the first Gulf War, but as soon as someone tries to make a game based off a still ongoing war, OH NO THIS IS WAR PROFITEERING AND DISGRACEFUL, BAN THIS SICK FILTH! I mean honestly, if this game was just doing it for the sake of it in an ongoing war, then maybe those points would be more valid but this game was backed by 40 US Soldiers who actually fought in the battle and was meant to educate rather than just let you mindlessly kill.  I mean the game could suck, but it’s still worth giving it a chance if it can actually give us a new way of informing people of humanity’s darkest moments. There’s also the valid argument of course of if this was a movie or a book then it would be perfectly fine to make it, but as soon as it’s a video game then it’s suddenly despicable. The story isn’t over yet though as the game could still be picked up by a different publisher. If it is, then let’s hope that they’ve actually got some backbone, because it doesn’t look like Konami does.

Source: Gamasutra

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