Ryan Thomason

This Kid Has A Mecha, Will Travel…in a Parking Lot With Dad Supervising

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I try to steer away from a lot of “Oh man look at his video!” postings, but I couldn’t resist with this one. So, for all you weeaboos, nerds, Mecha, an sci fi lovers. This is for you.

Granted it looks like the mech more rolls around on wheels we can’t see than actual walking, and we never get to see how the arms that are just dangling there work (if they work at all) but I still thought this was pretty cool. I would have totally tore that kid out of there and hopped into the chest cavity of that machine to drive around in it. Maybe attach a Gatling gun to a forearm. Oh, I’m getting to ahead of myself. Why don’t we see more shit like this in the USA? Ugh. Also, I couldn’t help but laugh at the kids outfit, though, I’m pretty sure I’d have worn the same thing if I had the chance.

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