This Just In: I Suck At Street Fighter IV

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Well, after getting Street Fighter IV this past Friday I have come to the conclusion that I am even worse than when I was a chillun playing on SFII on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for you Yanks). I spent the best part of three hours facing off against Seth today. I was greeted with loss after loss with my best character from SFII, Vega. Bear in mind this was on easiest difficulty and the sad fact gets sadder. I was going to blame the 360 controller for being “teh suck” as the kids say, but after time I realised that I had actually got used to compensating for the analogue stick use. It wasn’t like I was busting out supers and ultras at whim, but I could get them out eventually. After finally rage-quitting during my 3000th ass pounding from Seth I thought I would give online play a go. This was an even stupider idea, apparently the computer controlled characters aren’t cheap enough, so to compensate for this you are only allowed to spam one move for the entirety of each match.

I did actually manage to face off against a few obscenely skilled players, executing combo’s with such speed and precision that I swear they had a direct mind link to the game. I did not meet a single person of similar skill the entire time I played. It was either phenomenal skill or phenomenal douchebaggery. This got me wondering, does every sap who has minimal skill with the game such as myself take the asshole route? Or do they just avoid online play like the plague? The one thing that I found about the game is, no matter how shit it makes me feel I have to go back for more. Even now, sitting here writing this, I am getting a massive urge to give arcade mode another go or possibly the challenge mode to improve my mad skills. Has anyone else had the same experience as me or got any tips or tricks to share? Leave a comment below.

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