This just in from Rose City Comic Con: Futurama May Not Be Dead!

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Futurama may not be dead! Ok that might be a stretch, but there may be a new Matt Groening animated series with Billy West in it, and John DiMaggio!

While sitting in on the Billy West Panel, Billy acknowledge that Futurama may not be dead. While speaking with Matt Groening at SDCC, Matt told Billy that their work wasn’t done. Billy Wasn’t able to elaborate to what that meant. In-fact Billy seemed unsure of what that meant himself. Speculation of an entirely different series was even brought up.

Some other great bits of information that were brought up. The Nixon voice that Billy does was inspired by the Nixon/Kennedy debate. He commented that Nixon looked like he was turning into a werewolf as he began to panic. That’s why the Nixon character on Futurama’s catch phrase is “Ahroooo”

Update: During the John DiMaggio panel at Rose City Comic Con today John DiMaggio had something very similar to say about the future of Futurama. John said that Matt Groening told him the same thing he told Billy West. In reference to John being concerned about Futurama ending Matt told him, “John, don’t worry about it.” Again John wasn’t able to further explain what that meant but it’s clear the cast, and creator of the show are remaining hopeful that the series will continue.

The last episode of Futurama just played a few weeks ago. Back in April we reported that it had been canceled by comedy central. Read about that here. 

Do you think Futurama should come back, or would you rather see a new Groening created series with Billy West, and John DiMaggio involved?

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