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THIS is How You Make an AvP Movie

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this isn't from the fan movie...but from the big budgeted film AvP2, it sucked but damnit I'm a sucker for rubber alien suits.

I’ve watched both AvP movies, unfortunately. I don’t know why the depths of my fanboyhood make me do deplorable acts like watching two of the worst abortions to happen to the Aliens-verse, but I have, and I do. I enjoyed every one of the Aliens Quadrilogy, yes even the Joss Whedon Alien Ressurection (anything with Ron Perlman, woot).

I’ve played almost every one of the games, from the great arcade game down to the lowliest SNES side-scroller beat-em-up. Hell, I’ve even actively sought getting an Atari Jaguar just so I can play the AvP game that came out on that failed system. That’s how much I enjoy the rich universe that exists everywhere but in the movies (of all places).

That’s where fans come into play. With just a budget of $500 and a lot of help with CG, a fan of the universe by the name of Alex Popov has made the following fan film, and it rocks my fanboy cock like no other.

I just love how someone with a little money, a bunch of help, and a meager budget can make a production that is more faithful to the source material, and shows more heart than 80% of the schlock that comes out of Hollywood. I mean, could you imagine what this guy could do with a decent budget? Just imagine the movie if he had another $1000.

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