Jill Seale

This Interactive Teaser for Danger Mouse’s New Album Will Blow Your Mind

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Your body is not ready.

Danger Mouse‘s newest album, Rome, will be hitting shelves later this month. He’ll be collaborating with Italian Composer, Daniele Luppi, as well as Norah Jones and Jack MF’ing White on this tribute to 60’s Italian film soundtracks (think Spaghetti Western).

As exciting as this news is, right now it pales in comparison to how cool the short interactive teaser (whipped up by Chris Milk) is. It really has to be seen to be believed. It’s got me super pumped about the album, and hopefully you’ll feel the same after experiencing it. If you want to you can even contribute to the project with a design of your own.

You can check it out right here. You should do that.

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