Ryan Thomason

This Economy Sucks! Lets go Steal a Hog!

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By Hog, I mean Pig, and it’s delicious meat or pork to you unwashed masses. Mmm. Babe, you never tasted better you sheep wrangling pig you.

Well, it’s TRUE at least if you read the right places. Stealing of hogs has been reported by farmers at an unprecedented rate, why do I call them hogs? Well, I read too many financial blogs and well, Hogs is what you call the Commodity on the stock market.

Whats been happening is that people are not just stealing one Hog, but tens or hundreds at a time. How they’re making off with these 300lb meat machines I don’t know, what I do know is that the price of bacon is going up. When you have these kinds of reports coming it, it makes the commodity fears fluctuate and well, prices go up on the stark market and then it just makes everything more expensive. You knew that there were other things than just Oil traded on the stock market that effect prices right?

Yes, I made a whole post to bitch about how much bacon costs now, but hey, I tied it in with some real stuff. Blame those jerks that are stealing Hogs the next time you wrap your meat (of choice) with some delicious bacon and the price went up again.

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