Things That Piss Me Off #2

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Circuit City’s layout is atrocious. Or at least my local one is.

The main reason that the layout sucks is that the customer service counter and the purchase counter are the same thing. That means that when I walk in to pick up a copy of…. oh let’s say…. Cool Hand Luke, I normally get stuck behind some ethnically mysterious guy with a thick accent trying to return a microwave or some other piece of crap. So what should be a simple in-n-out maneuver turns into a frustrated wait in order to hand over 15 bucks.

Compounding my frustration is the high school dropout trying to figure out how to work the Windows 98 computer behind the counter. After calling over another staff member, and then the manager, they finally figure out how to handle a return. Meanwhile, I have to wait and watch this train wreck of customer service. I hope your Circuit City doesn’t have the same formation, because the current one is unfathomably inefficient.

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