Ryan Thomason

They Said I Need to go to The Event Rehab, but I said: No, No, No

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I’m so witty. I’m sorry guys, but I can’t do it, I’m watching this show every week, and even on the night it airs! I know! Shocking, after what we all went through with Lost. Regardless, I’m talking about this show, even if nobody is with me. Someone has to be watching this too, Right?

Sean and his girlfriend are out on the limb after the crazy conspiracy people disappeared after the apartment exploded. They make the time honored mistake of STOPPING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD while running away to have a pointless conversation about what to do next. Sean gets his due for being stupid when he’s shot in the shoulder.

We learn a little more about who is pulling the strings on trying to kill the president and keep the aliens detained in their Alaskan facility. Little did we know it was the Vice President and the crusty old man with a pile of money that gave the assassination attempt a go. When the pilot of the plane gives President Martinez the time that he got the signal, the man is able to piece together on his own that yes, his own vice president was trying to have him killed.

Naturally, the VP makes a break for it when he feels the pressure that the president knows what really happened, his puppet master apparently has no qualms with murdering anybody regardless of their stature, and orders the good ‘ol VP killed. Which brings in this side character that apparently is the worse contract killer out there, since she let Sean and his girlfriend go, not the VP. Don’t worry, right before she kills him, she tells him to spill the beans on her employer. It’s never that easy though cause the VP gets blown up at the exact moment he was about to tell the President who he’s been working for. Nice coincidence huh?

Sean almost dies from his bullet wound, his girlfriend kidnaps a doctor from the hospital, they go to a pharmacy and order an insane amount of supplies. TO WHICH THE PHARMACIST HAS NO QUALMS WITH. Even after said pharmacist said “Oh setting up a mini surgery room are we?” YEAH COULDN’T YOU TELL DUMBASS. Regardless, Doc patches him up, and horray he’s not dead.

I don’t know why I like this show still, From this review, you probably think I borderline hate it. I kinda do. It’s a weird drug, something got me, and I can’t stop it. Maybe I need a real intervention, the guys on the Redlight Roundtable uttering mere words on the internet isn’t enough.

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