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They Go On Your Face: Gunnar Midnight Glasses

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In an increasingly digital work landscape, Gunnar’s Computer Technology brand of glasses are a must have. Ok, let me break it down a little further, these are glasses that you wear if you’re the office worker that sits around staring at computer screens all day. The technology is developed for reduction in eye strain which gives you a TON of benefits after a long day at the job. Don’t mistake this as a gift guide, it just happens to be that I’m getting around to writing about these glasses that were given to me by the company a couple of weeks ago to review at the Holidays. My perspective may be different from yours because I have to pay attention to eye strain on a daily basis, it’s just a part of having the degenerative sight disease that I have. I will say though, that regardless of your vision and where you think your eyesight is at, if you find yourself looking at a screen for long durations of time, and say your company doesn’t have the best lighting these glasses are a no brainer.

The glasses that I wore are the Midnight brand, I picked them because they were the frames with the biggest lenses, that, and well, they looked spiffy. I wanted the largest lenses they had because I wanted the maximum range that they provided. I basically didn’t want to look up or down and find myself outside of the tinted amber confines within the lenses. My computer screen at work is bigger than my TV at home, and, I sit only a couple of feet away from it; as apposed from the close to ten feet or so from my couch which is a relative Atlantic Ocean away compared to my work. I also went in search of Gunnar glasses because of my mentioned degenerative sight. Retina/Pupil strain is something that you probably don’t think about in your day to day life. If you sit at a computer most of the day, you probably find times where you’re pinching the bridge of your nose, or taking something for a headache, or just finding you have to get away from the screen. Try to pay attention to how your eyes feel after a long session at the screen. Close your eyes and focus on your pupils, you might feel how they are relaxing from not staring at the screen, heck you might be seeing spots from behind closed eyelids. I know I used to. There was a point before I got the Gunnar Glasses when I had to pull myself away and just walk down the hallway, one hand on the wall, lightly dragging my fingertips along to make sure I didn’t wander aimlessly down the middle and unknowingly crash into a fellow employee. I did this every day, walking around with my eyes closed trying to relax my eyes and maybe I’d pick up some of the complimentary Extra Strength Tylenol from the office supply room.

I don’t do that anymore.

Now, I only leave my desk for refilling my water bottle, taking my afternoon lunch break run outside, or going to the bathroom. Yes, wearing these glasses has changed my routine and my eye health that much. Ushers Syndrome isn’t a forgiving disease to have, so any measure that can be taken to reduce the time window to an unknown blindness the better. Retina Specialist and all matter of eye doctors will talk about the unknowns with degenerative eye disease, taking vitamins “might” help prolong your central vision, genetic modification “might” repair your DNA, Stem Cell research “might” be a viable option in the next century. But with all the unknowns in treatments, for degenerative sight disease, why not talk about wearing a technologically advanced eye wear that at least in my case has drastically reduced my eye strain and given me a better, and less headache induced workday?

This goes for the people who don’t have an eye problem like mine too. These glasses are an essential must have if you’re the type to sit infront of a computer screen for whatever reason. Whether it’s gaming, programming, surfing the web, or doing increasingly boring spreadsheets (my job) you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by going to the Gunnar Online site and picking out a pair of glasses. Heck if you’re a contact wearer like me, you just decide on a frame and wait for it to come in the mail. If you wear glasses, you can pick a pair and then have your prescription set into the frames for you. Just keep your Gunnar Glasses in your drawer at work and pull a switcheroo to enjoy the benefits. Even if you’re a jerk and you have perfect vision, Retina/Pupil strain isn’t some BS that I’m trying to win you over with, once you put on a pair of Gunnars and work a day with them on your face (where you normally wear glasses) you’ll notice a huge difference in your eyesight as you walk to your car. These glasses work, whether you think you need them or not, because you do need them. When you first put the glasses on, the amber tint goes away quickly, all you see is the superb clarity of your computer screen. If you don’t, well, you need to ask your HR department for a new computer screen.

Don’t forget that they just look good too, you know, if you’re trying to be the cool kid at the water cooler and whatnot. Just go to the website, check them out, heck, if you’re a gamer, they make special ones for you too, I didn’t try any of those glasses so I can’t tell you how good they are or not, the same with the Sports brand of glasses they offer. I’ll just say, if they’re anything like what I’ve been wearing for the last couple of weeks, you won’t be let down, the price is justified, and your eyeballs will thank you.

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