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TheSmokingJacket.com: Still not SFW

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I had a couple of minutes while I was waiting for some data to download and I saw a link for the new Playboy “Safe For Work” site that they have developed. Figuring that I wouldn’t have any qualms with looking at it, I clicked the link and gave the site a quick browse. About a minute tops quick browse, before clicking it closed and doing a look around to see if anybody had walked by me. Why did I feel so at unease? Read on.

First of all, I live in Utah. Super Conservative, heavily Morman, somewhat judgmental Utah. There is no way that this site is safe for work in this state. Other states though? I think it depends on where you work at. I doubt your superiors appreciate you looking at a girl doing the splits and barely covering up her breasts. Or a video about girls from World Cup 2010 where all of their shirts are cut so short boobs slightly hang out. Safe For Work? I don’t know Playboy knows what Safe For Work is, given the environment that they work in.

Yeah, there is no outright nudity, and the articles looked like something from a Maxim or whatever other magazine college guys subscribe to now-days. It just doesn’t give me that comfort level to browse the site, and if someone walked by, I could browse without caring. Looking at galleries of nearly nude women isn’t exactly going to keep me from having to glance around constantly and close the site if someone comes by.

Sorry Playboy, your site is very much not what I would say is Safe For Work. For the offices that it IS actually safe for work? They probably just go to the main site or have your magazines on display anyways.

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