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The Woods #1: Adventures With Aliens

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In The Woods #1, the story takes you from high school problems to demonic alien creatures ripping the flesh from your classmates in zero to 60 seconds flat.


The Woods #1
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Michael Dialynas
Colors: Josan Gonzalez
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Release date: May 7, 2014

Get your own copy of Woods #1 – $3.59
Retail Price: $3.99
You Save: $0.40

We’ve all had at least one ridiculously boring class during our many years of school. Listening to the teacher drone on in a warm sunny classroom about something you’ll  never use again after graduation. Day dreams filling your head. Maybe a day dream about what would happen if your school was suddenly transported to another world, or another planet? Turns out it’s pretty gruesome.

A small high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is going about it’s day as it would any other day. Students worrying about what colleges to get into, trying to avoid suspension and some basically just trying to make it through another day. A flash of light, a distant rumble and the lives of students at Bay Point Preparatory High School are changed forever. Looking out to see they are no longer in their sleepy suburbia, but an alien moon. One that may not even be in Earth’s solar system.

I came into this comic knowing absolutely nothing about it, no genre, no story snippet, nothing. So I was completely unprepared for what was happening, and boy was that exciting! I always seem to enjoy things that completely take me by surprise. Something that I don’t see coming or guessing the plot or character way in advance. The Woods defiantly gave me that! I wasn’t quiet sure where the little high school story was even going until a tree exploded into murderous horde of alien bats. If this first issue is setting the theme for the rest of the story prepare for a lot of twists and turns along the way!

The high school characters were also a refreshing change from the stereotypical ones portrayed in most media. Instead of a typical leading female role worrying about which guy to take to prom, Karen is more concerned about her confession to her parents about missing the deadline for college applications. A boy feels pressured to join the football team because of his strength, while his friend looses a part in the school play–again. It will be interesting to watch these teenagers battle their way through dark and evil alien woods. How they will deal with the stress of being stranded on an alien moon and how it will strengthen or weaken any potential relationships.  The Woods #1 is a good start at what one can only hope to be entertaining future character development, if they live long enough.


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