The Weekly Facepalm January 19th-25th

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Welcome one and all to another edition of the Weekly Facepalm. I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did. And as always, the great mass of humanity did not disappoint this week either. So let’s get into it shall we? This week we have stories ranging from deadly squirrels to horrible arsonists even to how fat suits offend fat people. Seriously, this week was good for finding some great fail. Let’s get started, shall we?

Fat suits offend fat people, it’s news to Gamestop!

If you are like me, and love playing games, then you know there’s one negative to all the amazing games you play. FAT. And apparently, dressing up in fat suits to teach gamers to lose some weight, is offensive. Who knew? These gamestop employees sure didn’t. In an effort to help gamers become aware of their own miserable appearance (as if they didn’t know already) Gamestop employees dressed up in fat suits and encouraged people to buy active video games instead of those murder simulators. So let me get this straight. Instead of trying to promote more exercise (and not the DDR kind) or a better diet, they just say, “Buy a Wii fit!!” Wow. Because this doesn’t offend anyone, right?

Pet cemetery destroyed to make room for Pet Memorial…..wait, what?!?

If only Duchess hadn’t played with that shotgun…

First, I think it’s incredibly stupid to even have a pet cemetery. I’m sorry, and maybe I’m just callous, but paying to bury Rover in a piece of land and to have a headstone just seems retarded. I love my pets, believe me I do, but they are still that…PETS!! So I find it absolutely hilarious when I hear about this story. Basically a pet cemetery has been destroyed to make room for a pet memorial. Oxy-moron anyone? Anyone?

The worst arsonist EVER!!!

First, go to that website and watch the video. Then come back and read this. No, seriously, I’ll wait.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA………HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Oh man, I needed that. So picture this if you will. You and some of your friends went to a bar. The bartender pisses you off for whatever stupid reason. Then, to get back at them, one of you says, “We should burn the place!!” And the rest say, “Yeah, that will show them who rules this town!” So you go get some fuel, drive back to the bar, break in and then spread the fuel around and light it. Too bad you accidentally lit yourself on fire. So instead of doing the smart thing, you decide to jump back into the car, thereby lighting your car and your mates on fire. Genius mate. Genius.

Squirrels hate nurses too!!

So now squirrel attacks are too much for people to handle that they need help? I mean I know squirrels are dangerous critters and all, but….damn. That’s just pathetic.

I will KEEEL YOU!!

Man attempts suicide, then calls 911 for assistance.

This one made me chuckle. Some idiot tried to suicide off a cliff by backing his car off of it. Instead of being greeted by St. Peter (or Satan if you’re Catholic), his van hits an outcropping and he is saved from eminent death. Sheepishly, he calls 911 asking for assistance. Here’s my idea of the conversation.

911 Operator: “911, what is your emergency?”
Idiot: “Yeah, uh my car is stuck.”
Operator: “Where is your car at sir?”
Idiot: “Um, hanging off of a cliff.”
Operator: “And how exactly did this happen?”
Idiot: “Well you see, it’s a funny story…”

Yeah. Great stuff.

Um, a little help here?

Those are some of the best. I could post more, but then it will just get really long to read. As always, if you guys find anything on the net that is ‘facepalm worthy’ send the links to BigPopaGamer and if it’s good, I’ll add it to the next week’s article. I might even give you credit for it. Until next time, stay classy MediaWhore!

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