The Week In Bullshit: 05/06/09

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The title is stolen from the brilliant ___wipe by Charlie Brooker but this is just an feature I want to do every now and again when enough happens. E3 came around this week and with it came quite a bit of bullshit.


  • Activision sues over Brutal Legend’s ROCKTOBER – Well a new Brutal Legend trailer was shown off on the first day of E3 much to everyone’s happiness. Things only got better when it was announced that Brutal Legend would finally be gracing us with it’s presence not on just October 13th, but ROCKTOBER 13TH! Activision had to ruin the party though because they are now attempting to sue developer Double Fine and stop the release of the game because of all of a sudden Activision has the right to sell the game despite selling it to EA. They are also complaining that Brutal Legend did not release on time when it was under Activision. Now, the bullshit comes from the fact that Activision pretty much didn’t care at all about Brutal Legend when they were it’s publisher and had no trouble dropping it along with the Ghostbusters game when they merged with Vivendi. But now that the game is becoming popular, Activision seems to want a piece of that pie again because of course, they haven’t made enough money out of whoring Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and owning the monopoly MMO that is World of Warcraft so they’re now suing Double Fine. Who do Activision think they are? I mean you gave Brutal Legend away so you have no right to try and grab it back. It’s like Activision are giving us a reason to hate them every single day. Hit the jump for more bullshit.


  • Wii Vitality Sensor – I am not kidding you. Nintendo have announced a heartbeat monitor for the Wii. I cannot see any use of this in the slightest. Firstly, as you can see in the picture, it takes up the insertable slot on the Wii, so no Nunchuck or Wiimotionplus. Secondly, what is the point? How is this going to be useful with any kind of game, even if it’s a casual game? There’s no buttons, and the only thing it does is measure your heartbeat. I know Nintendo have got money to burn, but this is just ridiculous.


  • PSP Go! is 250 EUR, possibly £240 in UK – I think Sony’s pricing team is just a bunch of monkeys because they don’t seem to have a clue when it comes to be pricing. Not content with not reducing the price of the PS2 in the UK or reducing the price of the PS3 despite continuous pleas for one, Sony announced the price of the PSP Go! when showing it off during their conference. In America, the PSP Go! is going to follow the PSP’s original price of $250, which is not terribly bad, and equates to around £150 in the UK, which is just a bit more than the PSP-3000 is right now. But then, it’s going to be 250 EUR, which then equates to £215. It’s to be expected, as us Brits are used to this kind of bullshit. But then when major UK retailers GAME and Gamestation started showing the PSP Go! preorder price as £240, things just got ridiculous. It brings back bad memories of when the PS3 was launched and you’d think Sony would have learnt their lesson, but nope. I can understand that tax is added when it comes here but  that is 15% of the price, but how around £90 has been added beats me. It’s no wonder Sony can’t do anything to stop the DS/DSi. Well that’s all your bullshit for this week. Come back some other time when I have enough to write about

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