The Water Temple: Months of Your Life, Wasted

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If you’re anything like me, or you know, actually human then you remember The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple. Which is by far the most frustrating temple you encounter in the game, simply because of the switches. All the switches. Switches in the environment, switches in boots and switching your items around.

There’s just too much to remember and it takes too long.

When I was a kid playing this game (it came out when I was 6 – do the math if you want), this one temple literally took me probably two months just because I’d get frustrated and put it down for a week, play for an hour, repeat. There was no immediate guide I could have clicked on from Google because that’s not what the internet was for in the 90s. It was meant for business and porn.

Then…there was the constant mindset of “If only I was able to…[insert easy action here]”, the entire temple would have been simple. Like, say if the boss key was in the central room of the Fire Temple, there wouldn’t have been any running through that room with the bridge and those annoying Fire Keese. But let’s not get off topic.

Of course, the Water Temple had one of these possible “if only” moments. It turns out that if you’ve got the Hover Boots (Ya know, those kick ass bunny slippers), you can actually finish the Water Temple, in about 5 minutes. Sounds crazy, right? Wondering why you never thought of it? Well unfortunately it’s because you can only do that within a hacked file, meaning it’s totally not legit, because you actually need to beat the Water Temple before you have access to the Hover Boots in the Shadow Temple. Sure, it’s cheating and watching someone beat the temple so fast is almost heartbreaking but it’s so cool to watch.

This is the best video I found, he beats it in 8 minutes and you can actually see how it’s being done opposed to a lot of the other videos I’ve seen where they finish in about 5-6 minutes. It’s cool to watch and a very enjoyable 8 minutes (don’t forget that almost 2 minutes is Ruto bitching about you being her husband).

There’s tons of other cool Ocarina of Time videos, I suggest you check them all out!

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