The Walking Dead – What’s To Come In Season 4

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Where do we go from here?

The Walking Dead - Don't Look Back

Spoilers AHOY!

With Season 4 of The Walking Dead halting for a break there is plenty of time to speculate what’s in store for our survivors. At the end of episode 8 the group was forced to flee the prison when the governor and his tag team burst through the outer perimeter, starting a full on war. Prior to scurrying away like rabbits, they experienced some extreme loss when Hershel was beheaded in front of his daughters; and anyone else with a front row seat. Rick and Carl also lost baby Judith. In what seemed to be a fail-safe plan a large number of onscreen extras made it out alright. I think Glen might have made it too. Or did he? It appeared that most of our main characters missed the bus…literally. Running in any available direction, away from the walkers entering the newly renovated prison. So, where do we go from here?

Sources at Latin Times just might have the answer. I’m not going to paraphrase it for you, instead here are 6 exciting spoilers from the source. This should get some people talking!

1. Carl will save the day, as actor Andrew Lincoln revealed in an interview: “[Carl] does something this season….Man. Episode 9 is his episode. It’s so cool.” While there’s no other information about what Carl does, it’s safe to assume that he helps out the survivors.

2.Robert Kirkman told AMC that episode 9 will have many scenes from the comic books. “Episode 9 will probably be the episode that’s closest to a direct adaptation from the comic book aside from the premiere episode,” said Kirkman. “It’s been a lot of fun for me working on them because I’m basically just rewriting something I’ve already written, which means I get to go back in and go, ‘Woah, what’d you do there? Let’s fix that.’”

3. In Season 4 Episode 10, fans can expect to meet new characters: Dr. Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa, and Sgt. Abraham Ford. Espinosa’s character, which will be a tough 20-something young woman, will be in a relationship with Abraham, but will also be the object of desire for Eugene. The episode will supposedly have four different storylines and will be a “very intimiate episode” according to what director Tricia Brock, who directed the episode, told the Columbia Daily Tribune. What’s more, fans who want to see Morgan can relish in the news that he will be back for season 4.

4. Speaking of episodes, there will be a flashback episode so fans can see their favorite characters again.

5. Baby Judith is alive. Yes, we don’t know for sure, but given all the facts we currently have, that’s where we’re placing our money. There was no body for Judith and her character was exempt from the memorial reel of “The Talking Dead.” What’s more, series creator Robert Kirkman has been vague about Baby Judith and her supposed death. “Well, she’s not in that car seat. I mean, there might be some of her in that car seat, but you know, the majority of her is not there,” said Kirkman to Entertainment Weekly. “That’s another big unknown that we’ll have to find out about when we come back. She could be dead. She could be maimed. She could be fine. We’ll just have to find out.”

6. Carol is back! The character will definitely return before the season ends.

Wow! That should give everyone a little to stew over until The Walking Dead returns February 9th on AMC. I know a lot of people weren’t happy with the direction of the show after a few of the more recent episodes. However, after episode 8 splintered the group, I believe they have now opened the doors to a world of possibilities in plot; ones that I hope the writers entertain. I, myself, am interested to see what Carol has been up to since she was ostracized from the group. What are you hoping to see in the return of season 4?

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