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The Walking Dead S2E4 Preview “Cherokee Rose”

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Or, the Georgia State flower episode. Or…not.

SPOILERTH! If you didn’t watch Episode 3, you kind might want to not read this. Stop being a lazy ass anyways and get caught up. /end SPOILERTH

The promo for “Cherokee Rose” (below) shows Daryl coming across a house and searching it as he continues to look for Sophia. He’s been the most optimistic person this entire time; will he be the one to find her? Hershel explains that they don’t take in strangers and wants them to leave once they find Sophia. They’ve left a message for Sophia on a car on the highway. Glenn is lowered into a well, but there’s something at the bottom. Why is he going down there? Shane asks Lori if she meant it when she told him to stay.


There’s also a clip out from the next episode (below), and it deals directly with what Shane did. Everyone’s mourning, and Shane’s forced to talk about his final moments with Otis. He tells them Otis said, “We gotta save the boy,” gave him his backpack, and pushed him ahead, saying he’d cover him. Shane says it was because of Otis he made it out alive, and that Otis saved him and Carl. In case anyone missed the last episode, the clip also shows what really happened: Shane shooting Otis and leaving him to distract the walkers. With Otis dead though, will the truth ever come out? If it does, where will everyone fall on the issue? Shane was able to get the medical supplies back to Carl because he had the time to escape, but he did directly lead to Otis’ death. He shot him in the leg and left him there for the walkers to eat. It is something that no one at the farm ever needs to know, and it’s best for everyone involved that he’s the only one who knows what he did—the fewer people who know a secret, the less of a chance that it gets spilled to the wrong person. Hershel already wants them to leave as soon as possible; things are sure to get worse if he finds out what Shane did.

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