Ryan Thomason

The Walking Dead S2E4: Cherokee Rose – Mini Review

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Are we going to get to kill the zombies Rick?

A little late on the review, sorry, I was too busy trying to get past the fact that Shane looked like Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Really, in his huge overalls standing there with a dumb look on his face, his mouth partially open, all I could think about was that he was going to ask Rick about the bunny rabbits and if he could pet a puppy.

Really, two things happened in this boring episode (to me). Glenn being used as live bait to get a zombie that looked like Quato. And getting LAID! (Again Glenn) Wait. No. Glenn didn’t have sex with that bloated Quato zombie stuck in the well. Though, why they didn’t just SEAL THE WELL and use the other three, I don’t know. Glenn did have sex with the daughter as they went on a pharmacy run, since Glenn is the “get into town” guy according to Rick and they were both “lonely”. I feel bad for Glenn, he’s like, the bitch of this group, yet the only one who can really get anything done. Oh, and Lori asks for something from the feminine hygiene aisle. So yeah, guess what that means!

Rick, meanwhile, gives Carl his hat before shedding his badges and shirt, the remaining emblems of his authority. Is he hopeful, and confident, about relinquishing to Hershel the leadership role he never sought, or is he laying down his burdens? Whichever the case, Lori approves before sneaking off into a field to reveal that (gasp!) she asked Glenn to pick up a pregnancy test, and that (double gasp!) it’s positive! I guess this isn’t a surprise if you read the comics. Which I don’t.

Go ahead and spoil it, who’s the daddy? T-Dog?

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