Ryan Thomason

The Walking Dead Gnaws It’s Way Into Season 3

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Two episodes into the six that were helmed by Frank Darabont and AMC picks up another season. Hell, maybe we’ll get to see this Carl Grimes.

The premiere broke the record for a single drama telecast — which was previously held by The Dead Zone — as it getting 7.3 million sets of eyeballs on the board for AMC. How that equates into tasty human bone marrows I don’t know, I just assume zombies like eyeballs too.

I think AMC should have waiting at least for the post Darabont, budget cut episodes, which fans have been waiting to see if/how the show changes at that point. If it’s crap, viewers might walk away from the show. It’s some big dice to roll there AMC, until then, I’m enjoying the hell out of the show at least. I need to get into gear about reading the source material at some point.

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