Ryan Thomason

The Walking Dead – Episode 201 Mini Review

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Our dwindling group of survivors keeps dwindling, how the hell they keep surviving I don’t know. “What Lies Ahead” brings The Walking Dead back into our lives, zombies and human meatbags rejoice

I’m keeping this short for a couple of reasons. One, It’s late at night and well, I’m a day late on watching the episode which means this is pretty pointless of a review. Two, I’m too tempted to get spoilery. HOLY CRAP THEY GUTTED A ZOMBIE?

I’ll say this, the zombies look pretty damn good, thankfully the budget wasn’t cut until AFTER the first 6 episodes so….we’ll see. I love the more logical attempts at surviving this time around. Siphoning gas, scavenging cars for supplies, which would scare the crap out of me. Who knows what you’re going to find when you open up a hatchback or car door, or what will jump out to try and eat you. Carl is one ballsy ass kid for doing what he did to get what he found.

One of my favorite scene though, was Sophia’s mom staring off into the woods, the sun setting, and the massive tangle of ditched cars everywhere. It was a Post Apocalyptic fap scene for me there. Shane still slightly annoys me, Rick is still the man, even if everyone is kind of being a jerk to him. I’m liking Carl more, and damn I wish I was/had read the comics, cause I hear Carl gets more into his own as the comics go on. I hope we get that this season…

Well, if he survives to the next episode.

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