Ryan Thomason

The Walking Dead: Bloodletting – Review

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“Merle Got The Clap On Occasion” Seriously, my favorite line from the whole episode. Which was mostly dealing with the ramifications of what happened in the end of the first episode. Carl getting shot by a fattie hunting deer. We get to see Hershel’s Farm, which apparently everyone who reads the comics is happy about? As a non-reader of the comics, I’m assuming maybe something cool/horrible happens there.

I bet Hershel is some kind of Vet with a dash of crraaaaazy. Or they all die. You know, zombies and all.

Speaking of those undead Morons I love the trick Shane and Otis (the fattie hunter that shot Carl on accident). Watching the zombies just all wander over to look at the pretty flares was funny. I called it that it would be short lived, and well, let’s just say that if the pin doesn’t hold, those two are frigging screwed.

This was more of a Rick is beside himself because Carl is practically dieing, and he still feels responsible for the missing girl. Basically, Rick is just really, really, really…really f-d up in the head right now. Really. How can you blame the guy though, he carries the world on his shoulders, and all the other survivors do is look down on him when he does anything slightly wrong.

Oh, and T-Dog is dieing cause he got a cut, and needs antibiotics, yet, they can’t find any! Oh, the irony of being killed by a cut, and not a zombie bite. Good thing when Daryl got back with everyone else that isn’t hanging out at the farm he got Merle’s antibiotics out of his medicine bag, which is you know, a bag full of drugs to get high as hell. That’s where the Clap line came from, and it was done just right.

It’s not a super exciting episode, but it sure as hell isn’t the Vato’s season killer episode. You get zombies, and zombies getting killed, Rick losing his mind and donating blood. Oh, and Shane is close to dead, so close. Die Shane.

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