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The Wait is Over: Star Control II HD Remake is Here

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Fans of DOS-era science fiction, take note.

Fans of DOS-era science fiction, take note.

Thanks to a freely distributed source code and a group of dedicated fans, an HD-remake of Star Control II, called Ur-Quan Masters HD to avoid any nasty backfire from the trademark’s current owner Atari, is now available for download. The HD build features beautifully redrawn art (as seen in the picture above), a remixed soundtrack, and new features. Also included is a fair share of bugs, but this is to be expected on an alpha release.

If you’re itching to play this DOS classic without resorting to the fun world of emulation, then give Ur-Quan Masters HD a try. The game is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Debian-based Linux systems, but an Android port is said to be on the way.

Just be sure to give the developers all your love (and bug reports).

Download Ur-Quan Masters HD here

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