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The Veronica Mars Movie: Everything I Always Wanted From a Movie Based on a Canceled TV Show

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This weekend I made the trek to my local cinema for Veronica Mars. I did back the project on Kickstarter, so I had access to the digital version on Friday. But movies are often better when shared with friends. When said friends are as excited—or dare I say cultish—about said franchise as I am, well then, I don’t feel like such a dork when I clap at characters I hate getting punched in the mouth. (Yes, that happened.)

Veronica Mars from the project's Kickstarter webpage

Veronica Mars from the project’s Kickstarter webpage

I stayed away from many of the Kickstarter updates. I wanted to be surprised. I wanted the movie to be fresh. And, I was rewarded for my willpower. I won’t deny that I said this after the credits ended, “I liked this wrap up better than Serenity.” Gasp! I know! That is blasphemy in many circles. Possibly fighting words as well.

Veronica Mars is definitely a movie made for the fans. It is quite like a bigger budget, longer episode. It isn’t ground-breaking, but it covers the ground we like to see in the context of Veronica Mars. In-jokes and references abound, which I enjoyed. So many old faces and beloved characters show up and a few new faces add to the comedy. I can’t gauge what the experience would be like for someone new to the franchise and just meeting the characters for the first time. However, the first two minutes do a good job of giving the audience Veronica’s background and should provide newbies enough information to enjoy the film.

The writing and acting makes a strong connection to Neptune of yore. While every character embodies the bits we loved—or hated—from the show, they also are believable as their adult selves with some life experience under their belts. Ryan Hansen’s Dick Casablancas is a great example of that. His wisecracks are clever and sarcastic in the movie instead of just mean surfer dude as in the TV show.

Through three season of TV and now this movie, Veronica continues to be my shining beacon of the love-her-for her-flaws-not-in-spite-of-them kind of protagonist.

Go see the movie in theaters while you can, especially if you are a fan of the show. It is worth seeing it with a bunch of other marshmallows!

Below are my favorite bits of Veronica Mars. It contains some spoilers—proceed at your own risk.

  • Logan went into military and is good at it!
  • Logan in his dress whites
  • Logan buys a cheap plane ticket to meet Veronica at her arrival gate
  • Keith’s reaction when he sees Veronica in his office
  • Officer Leo pretends not to recognize Veronica
  • Leo mentions that he thought she worked for the FBI
  • Weevil reveals he has a lovely wife and daughter
  • Veronica punches Madison Sinclair at the reunion
  • Wallace still stealing student records for Veronica
  • Mac working at Kane Software (wait, what?)
  • Principal Clemmons acknowledging how boring high school life is without Veronica
  • Cameos: Jamie Lee Curtis, Ira Glass, Justin Long, Dax Shepard, and James Franco
  • Veronica and Logan hooking up!

The movie was missing the canine love though. I would have loved to have seen Keith Mars own another big and burly dog, named Backup 2!

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