The Upbeat Beard #2 Featuring Stephen King?!

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That’s right gang! I am finally doing another article! (assuming people noticed I hadn’t done one for a while.) Well as I was debating my topics for this article I was going to try to do a newly released album, but all I saw on the ITunes store was “rap” and Glee. So I guess I’ll just do a recommendation.

Lately a lot of my listening has been dedicated to more calm, warm music. Blame it on the change of season and temperature, but it just feels wrong listening to loud crazy music during the holidays. (I start my festive mindset early.) This past week I’ve found myself listening to a lot of Shooter Jennings, and most specifically his concept album entitled “Black Ribbons” co-written by Stephen King, which I have mentioned on RBS at some point. Black Ribbons was released just before Christmas of 2009. Shooter Jennings is usually known for his southern country rock,  Black Ribbons however is more  like The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails fighting over one single cd.

In between the amazing Southern Space Rock tracks of Shooter Jennings and Hierophant (his back band) are the radio broadcasts of “Will O’ The Wisp” which is on fit’s last show and is being taken off the air by government censorship in a futuristic Totalitarian war zone. The voice behind Will O’ The Wisp is, king of creepy, Stephen King, who spends his last night on the airwaves discussing the decline of America and playing the only band the government doesn’t want the people to hear as it’s not “bubble gum bull shit turned out for the masses” which just happens to be Shooter Jennings and Hierophant.

With the combination of thought provoking eerie news casts of Stephen King and the epic rock opus’ of Shooter Jennings this album is nothing short of mind blowing, first time I heard I was driving down an empty free way in the rain in the middle of the night and it completely overwhelmed me and sucked me into the situation they’re trying to get across. This album is nothing short of amazing. So please Check it out.

I give it 9 Stars out of 10

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