The Upbeat Beard 1: Stornoway

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Thanks to the guidance and suggestions from BigBrusr, who I’m going to from now on refer to as my “WatchPlayRead Step Dad,” I’m going to start doing a regular music themed article named “The Upbeat Beard” because according to WatchPlayRead bossman Xopher Reed, I’m apparently a very upbeat person, which I rather like. Anyhow, It’ll be Recommendations and Reviews usually, but I”ll also throw in some idea’s and opinion articles now and again. Lets get started…

I’m going to start off with a recommendation/review this week. I’m pleased to introduce you to the British alternative Folk group “Stornoway” named after the Scottish island town.  They just released their first album in May of this year (2010) entitled “Beachcomber’s Windowsill”. The headlining track off the album is called “Zorbing” so to celebrate the release of the album the band actually went Zorbing, which is basically rolling down a hill in a giant human hamster wheel.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the bands past, this is their first album, but it’s one of the most entertaining folk albums I’ve heard in a long time. They have a lot of the same feel of fellow British “Folkers” Mumford & Sons, but Storonoway has more upbeat less emotional lyrics, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful. The band manages to use the same basic instruments throughout the album, guitar, drum, stand up bass, and trumpet, but with the addition and subtraction of other instruments on the album it gives it a lot of diversity and variety between songs, which is pretty rare with a folk album. Consisting of catchy, upbeat songs like “Zorbing,” and peaceful quiet tunes as well such as “Boats And Trains” show they aren’t afraid  to calm down and grab your attention and mellow you out.

Overall i give the album a B+

If any readers have more suggestions or questions feel free to let me know in the forum, or post below this. Thanks for reading, hope your ears enjoy it like mine did.

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