The Umbrella Academy #1

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Continuing in its “one for one” program Dark Horse brings us the first issue of Umbrella Academy. This is the first issue of a six issue arc called Apocalypse Suite. This book is written by Gerard Way, with artwork by Gabriel Bá.

Umbrella Academy is the story of seven children who were born under unusual circumstances and each of them has extra-ordinary skill sets. The seven children are adopted by a an alien that is disguised as a rich inventor named Sir Reginald Hargreeves, his mansion is named “The Umbrella Academy.” They are referred to as numbers 1 through 7. They disappear for several years when they suddenly reappear to save the city of Paris from a homicidal Eiffel Tower. Flash to twenty years later and Sir Hargreeves is dead, Number 5 returns after being missing for 20 years. He brings news that something bad is coming.

This book is si-fi with this under tone of campy fun; I almost want to say in the flavor something like Galaxy Quest. This book is dark and quirky fun, but what do you expect from a guy like Gerard Way (lead singer for My Chemical Romance). The art work by Gabriel Bá who worked on BPRD 1947 with Mike Mignola.

As a “one for one” this book is a buck, so go pick it up!

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