Alan Smithee

The Ultimate Fighter…now with 100% more Kimbo Slice

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Guys, guys, you all should know by now that I’m not a huge sports fan, and I can barely stand watching any type of ball or puck related game. I mean, I will watch some football and basketball if it’s the only thing on or I’m at a sports bar, but it’s not like I actively follow any team or sport.

I DO however watch almost every Pay Per View UFC event and follow most of the fighters’ careers.

Tonight, I was dealt a killer blow. I was watching The Ultimate Fighter, and all of a sudden the man himself, Kimbo Slice showed up and was put on ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s team. I was already planning on watching the entire season, but damn man, they’re gonna include the street-fighting hobo king? Fuck yes, I’m totally down.

The greatest thing about this season is that Dana White has finally decided to pay more attention to the Heavyweight division of the UFC and the first episode didn’t disappoint. The first match between Abe Wagner and Jon Madsen was a complete bloodbath.

In the first round, Madsen opens a MASSIVE gash into the head of Wagner which bleeds the entire time that Wagner is on the mat. Check it out.

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