The UK Trailer For The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

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And you lucky folks can watch it anywhere thanks to the magic powers of the Internet. Warning, it pretty much reveals the outline of the film.

First off, I feel this is a much better put together trailer than the previous American one that I saw last time I was at the cinema. That one didn’t do a very good job at explaining the film and just made the humans look like assholes. This one on the other hand delves deeply into James Franco’s character and the star of the film, Caesar. Still, I have my doubts about it. Don’t get me wrong I think it looks like a good film (certainly better than that mess of Tim Burton’s) and I like the idea of exploring the connection between primates and humans, but I still can’t take the concept seriously. Sure, the original film has all these intelligent apes too but that was a lot more of a sci-fi film where as this appears to try and ground itself within reality. I just don’t know if I can suspend my disbelief enough to believe that apes, even intelligent ones, could take over the whole of Earth. If you can though, it looks like this might be worth watching. The film is out on August 5th.

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