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The Trekker *GASP* Heard ‘Round the World

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calm down people

No, it’s not a joke about how most of us Sci-Fi fans tend to have a little bit more dough around the midsection, which sometimes makes breathing strained because of the same weight pushing down on our lungs and spreading our rib-cages…It’s about the apparent controversy that stirred for about a half hour as Zachary Quinto was quoted about not wanting to touch the Star Trek franchise for 2 years.

GASP right?!? We can’t possibly have a second JJ Abrams Star Trek without the awesome new Mr. Spock right?

Well this whole thing started off with an article written by Wired Game Life:

“I’m stepping away from Star Trek for at least two years – no movies, no conventions, no anything for a while, I did this game to make an investment in the fan base,”

So let me ask you, if you heard that in a phone interview, what would you think? I personally had a bit of a non-breathing moment for a second until I started looking around for stories to corroborate this rumor that could get out of hand really quickly…In defense of, he did say that he was quitting the movies for 2 years.

Lucky for me, there was another article at that contradicted this one and put the rumors to bed:

“I have been inundated with questions and confusion about a comment I made during an interview with Wired, about the new Atari Star Trek Online game, in which i said i am stepping away from Trek for the next two years. Obviously I will be a part of any upcoming films…reprising my role as Spock.

What I meant was that in the meantime I won’t be making any public appearances related to the franchise, or doing any more auxiliary projects pertaining to the Trek universe.

I will be focusing my efforts on other projects and preparing to shoot the next film, which will be released in June of 2012…two years from now. Hence the no Trek for two years remark. Worry not Trekkers. It was a misunderstanding of context. I am not Spock. but I am Spock. All at the same time.”

Whew, right? It’s ok geeks, we can all now take a cleansing breath and get back to our script speculations for the next film.

It just goes to show you how kneejerk blogs can be at times. I’m personally relieved that all is right with the universe…I shuddered to think who they would use as a replacement for Spock and the retcon they’d have to go through to make us buy it.

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