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The Travel Agent – Golden Saucer

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Are you getting tired of all the rampant terrorism and giant serpents that are busily running about the Eastern continent? Are you fed up with life in the largely militaristic town of Junon? Or maybe you just can’t take another minute studying the life of the planet with all of the other tree-hugging inhabitants of Cosmo Canyon…well then fair traveler, do I have the perfect place for you!

Golden Saucer®!!!

Yes, you too can take the trip of a lifetime to the one place in our world where the cares of the outside world aren’t welcome!

Pick your vice!

Whether it be fortune telling, gambling, chocobo racing, arcade games, haunted houses complete with hotel rooms, rides with lasers, or even gladiatorial combat in our state of the art Battle Arena, we have it all for the modern day traveler.

Just simply ride the tram from the delightfully campy North Corel and you too can experience one of the few joys that are available in this all-too-hectic world of ours.


When you first arrive at Station Square, you’ll be greeted by the most elegant in faux-moogle designs that we’ve spared no expense in providing to our customers, from here you just simply go through the portals on the wall to the destination of your choice!


At Speed Square find the thrills and chills of our speed arena attraction that takes you on a wild and loopy ride around the Golden Saucer®. While riding our patented roller coaster (the only one on Gaia) you have the opportunity to win prizes utilizing our laser game that comes with the cost of each ticket.


At Ghost Square get ready for the fright of your life! There are tombstones and various spooks abound here and they all lead up to The Ghost Hotel. This is the world’s only six-star resort hotel. Here you will experience the most posh surroundings combined with the scary motif of Ghost Square.


At Battle Square you can either join in the fight, or sit back and enjoy the combat from afar. The master of the arena, Dio, is around for autograph signing or picture opportunities. Put your life on the line and win grand prizes!


At Wonder Square you can get in touch with your inner child, or simply drop off the kids so that you and your significant other can abscond to a more intimate location such as…

At Round Square you get an intimate tram tour of Golden Saucer®. Here you will fly around the park and experience the sights and sounds that this wonderful playground provides to our guests. This is the best place in the entire complex for a romantic getaway where the passion is only interrupted by fireworks if you let it!

At Chocobo Square you can see the best chocobo racing around, come watch and revel in the sheer glory of the sport of kings and pharaohs alike. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some of the rarest breeds of chocobo ever seen by man.

At Event Square you can watch in comfort with the rest of the live audience as our merry band of thespians regale you with tales of knights, dragons, and bungling kings, the perfect place for a date with your loved ones!

So whether you’re looking for a place to take that special someone in your life or just in a need to get away from the worries of the world, come to the Golden Saucer® resort and casino right outside of North Corel on the Western continent.

You can’t miss us! When you’ve reached the quicksand desert, you know you’re near! Ruby Weapon and criminal free for over 8 years!

Golden Saucer® where we make your dreams come true! ™

If you don’t believe me, then see this happy couple’s first date as an example:

Golden Saucer® is wholly owned and operated by the Shinra Electric Power Company based in Midgar and Junon, all rights reserved.

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