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The Thing – Movie Review

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Well, the landscape shots were pretty.

The alien parasite taking over human bodies and tearing them apart in disgusting ways, was not pretty. Very cool though. I’m the last person to typically see a horror movie, but this was billed as SCI FI/Horror, so I was in like a…parasite taking over human bodies and tearing them apart in disgusting ways.

If you haven’t seen the 1982 John Carpenters The Thing, do so, now. It has Kurt Russel, excuse me 1980’s Kurt Russel, which is vintage Russel, and the best. While it’s been an extremely long time since I’ve watched the original, I remember enough that this movie was a good nod to it, and that was enough for me. You should know what you’re getting when you see this movie, if you’re expecting anything to blow you away with a new way of doing horror, you’ll be disappointed. If you like watching creepy stuff happen with a good soundtrack and sounds that get you creeped the hell out, this is up your alley.

I’m easily creeped out, so naturally this movie was just fun for me, the who’s gonna die next was fun to watch and dammit sometimes you just need a good scare to get your heart rate up. The Thing that was killing everyone was pretty cool for the most part, I really took in all the gore and eww moments. I had to talk to my compatriot that went to see the movie with me afterwards on some parts, but really, that’s just a sign that the movie was enjoyable. It had nothing to do with the movie, it’s just my crappy dark vision not seeing the darker scenes very well. Which is obviously my big negative about the movie. But assuming 99.9% of your DON’T have my vision problem, I’ll let it slide.

It’s that time of year to see movies that scare you and The Thing wouldn’t be a waste of your money if you’re looking for good entertainment. I do suggest that you watch the 1982 version before seeing it, you’ll catch some of the nods to the original movie and I think a little extra knowledge never hurt.

1980’s Kurt Russle never hurts too. Check out The Thing (2011) out today in theaters!

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