The Streaming Horror! (Week 1)

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Your weekly fix for horror fans, whether you’re a noob, or a master of horror.

All these movies can be found on Netflix Instant Watch, and all are worth watching no matter your experience level.

So here are my recommendations!

Noob: So you’re new to the horror genre. Maybe you’re just curious. Either way, you haven’t seen many horror movies and you want to build up your list. Here’s a must see.


H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator (1985)

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Directed by Master of Horror Stuart Gordon, and simply one of my favorite movies of all time. They talk about this movie in American Beauty (the tape Kevin Spacey borrows from his bag loving, drug dealing, daughter banging neighbor). So what’s all the hype about? A re-animated severed head controlling a drove of walking corpses. Two doctors whose drive to save the lives of patients throws them into the dark underworld of being ghouls. Then of course there’s the boobs, blood, and reverse necrophilia. A true classic!

Overall rating 9.5 out of 10

Intermediate: So you’ve seen a fair amount of horror. In fact, you are the horror guy among your group of friends. Well here are some picks for you.


The Hole (2009)

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Did you like Gremlins, Gremlins 2, Inner Space, The Burbs, The Howling, Small Soldiers, Rock and Roll High School? If you did, you might like The Hole. The common tie here would be the Steven Spielberg prodigy, and Master of Horror, Joe Dante. This flick is a about a mysterious hole in a family’s basement that seems to be a portal for all types of scary. Two brothers and their cute next door neighbor try to get to the bottom of this mysterious hole (pun intended). What they find may just change their lives forever.

Overall rating 6.5 out of 10 (yes that’s still good in my book) maybe not an instant classic but worth a watch nonetheless.

Master: You’ve seen every horror movie worth a damn. You’re the guy your friends call around Halloween when they need the scariest horror movie ever made. You help them out even though they wind up with a copy of Paranormal Activity 3 and your undying hatred. Obviously you don’t need my recommendations ’cause you’ve seen it all, but here it is anyway on the chance one fell through the cracks!


Crawlspace (1986)

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This 80’s slasher is about a sociopathic landlord who plays a solitaire game of Russian Roulette every night. Karl, the son of a former Nazi surgeon, has a nice boarding house for women equipped with passageways to all the rooms, and a nice torture room up in his attic. There may not be any big names in this movie, and the story may seem a bit one dimensional, but there is a lot more to this movie. Even if you’re not an expert level horror fan, this is most definitely a great watch!

Overall rating 7 out of 10

So there are my recommendations for you. Next week I’ll have three more. Enjoy these movies while you can, ’cause these often don’t stay streaming forever!

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