The Streaming Horror!!! #8

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Hey, hey, hey!

Back again my friends! This time with 3 straight to DVD picks that are totally worth a damn! This week I’d like to hear from you guys! Go to my Facebook page by clicking here  and tell me what your favorite movies to watch on Netflix are!

Your weekly fix for horror fans, whether you’re a noob, or a master of horror.

All these movies can be found on Netflix Instant Watch, and all are worth watching no matter your experience level.

So here are my recommendations for Horror TV shows. I have some really great ones this week! All very watchable!

Noob: So you’re new to the horror genre. Maybe you’re just curious. Either way, you haven’t seen many horror movies and you want to build up your list. Here’s a must see.


Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil (2010)

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Starring: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden, Jesse Moss, Philip Granger, Brandon Jay McLaren, Christie Laing, Chelan Simmons, Alex Arsenault, Travis Nelson, Karen Reigh

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is a great underrated horror comedy with great kills, awesome gore, and hilarious  situations. Tucker and Dale, two lovable red necks find themselves in a pickle when they get mistaken for the kind of inbred red necks from Deliverance or Wrong Turn. I don’t want to give too much away, but lets just say a lot goes wrong when you’re a young adult camping in the woods whether you’re being stalked by a killer or you’re just incredibly ignorant. This is a Magnet Release and honestly, they hardly ever do you wrong.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10!

Intermediate: So you’ve seen a fair amount of horror. In fact, you are the horror guy among your group of friends. Well here are some picks for you.


Hunger (2009)

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Starring: Lori Heuring, Linden Ashby, Joe Egender, Lea Kohl, Julian Rojas, Bjorn Johnson, Laura Albyn

How long could you go with out food? What would you do to survive? How far could you go? These questions are asked in Hunger. I admit, at first I thought this was going to be some cheap Saw rip off, but after picking up all the Fangoria Fright Fest movies, I have to say this was one of my favorites. In fact this has one of the hardest to watch kills for me out of any horror movie. It wasn’t that it was gory, or even bloody. It was clean, sadistic, and dark as hell! If you watch it you’ll probably know exactly what I’m talking about when it happens. I’m just going to leave it at that.


Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10!


Master: You’ve seen every horror movie worth a damn. You’re the guy your friends call around Halloween when they need the scariest horror movie ever made. You help them out even though they wind up with a copy of Paranormal Activity 3 and your undying hatred. Obviously you don’t need my recommendations ’cause you’ve seen it all, but here it is anyway on the chance one fell through the cracks!


The Prophecy (1995)

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Starring: Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas, Virginia Madsen, Eric Stoltz, Viggo Mortensen, Amanda Plummer, Moriah Snyder, Adam Goldberg, Steve Hytner, J.C. Quinn

Chances are that if you are at the “Master” level you have seen this movie in which case I say to you, watch it again! If you haven’t seen this movie then shame on you! This movie is two scoops of awesome. It stars Christopher Walken as Gabriel, an angel pissed off at God for letting humans into heaven (can you blame him?). Gabriel is in search of the most evil soul in the world to help win a battle being waged in heaven. It stars Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer, Eric Stoltz as the Angel Simon, and Elias Koteas as a detective who is tracking Gabriel. This movie is a classic!

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

So there are my recommendations for you. Next week I’ll have three more. Enjoy these movies while you can, ’cause they often don’t stay streaming forever!

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