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The Strain Volume 1 HC: The Beginning of the End

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I just finished the the first volume of collected issues for Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan’s ‘The Strain’. What a blast! This first volume encompasses the first eleven issues and gets a good running start with the story before closing. This vampire series, for those that don’t know, is being developed into a television show and was already published into a series of books, under the same name, a few years ago.


The Strain Volume 1 HC from Dark Horse Comics

The Strain Volume 1 HC
Story by: Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan
Script by: David Lapham
Art by: Mike Huddleston
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release date: July 9, 2014

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After reading the first eleven issues of The Strain, I am excited for the show and the rest of the comic series. These are not your typical ultra-sexy vampires, walking around buying art and fancy clothes. Think of ‘30 Days of Night‘ or ‘The Reapers‘ from Blade II, and you have a good idea of what the vampires of The Strain are like.

The story centers around Ephram Goodweather, Ephram’s son Zack, his team member Nora, Abraham Setrakian who has dealt with the creatures in the past, and a NYC exterminator named Vasiliy Fet. Ephram is part of the NY CDC office and is called in with his partner Nora to quarantine a plane that might have and epidemic virus aboard. Ephram soon finds it’s not a typical virus but a form of vampirism, and sets out to prevent the spread of The Strain with Nora’s help, all while trying to find his son and wrap his head around what is going on.

The pacing in The Strain is good, and affords enough character development to answer some questions and have you asking more. Mike Huddleston’s art is very fitting for The Strain. With his approach of angles being quite sharp, it lends to the menacing presence of the vampires in this book. His attention to detail is quite good as well, with the focus being on the characters in the shot and not on unnecessary background objects.

It will be exciting to see where this goes, and just how far the vampire virus will spread. As well as how the rest of the supporting cast deals with The Strain. (There’s also a good side story I won’t get into here–read it for yourself!) These aren’t your average vamps, but are quite feral. I’m expecting some of these characters to not make it, as The Strain is a horror book after all. Check out all the blood slurping fun for yourself, and tune into the television show debuting on FX July 13! Don’t miss it! Order your copy of the novel The Strain TV Tie-in Edition (The Strain Trilogy) and Strain Volume 1 HC in comic format! Thanks for reading!

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