The Spread, Short Stories About a Zombie Outbreak: Everyone IS Entitled To My Opinion!

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theSpreadFBNEW (1)I normally don’t do book reviews. If fact this is my frist one for WatchPlayRead. It’s not that I don’t read much. In fact I read quite often. I’m just kinda the horror movie guy who slowly morphed into just the movie guy around here. I felt it necessary to write a review about this book though for two reasons. Simply because of how much I enjoyed it, and because it’s an independently published book that’ll never get the notice it truly deserves.

The Spread is split into two parts. The Island and The Mainland. Honestly I could sit here and try to put together a synopsis of the book but I don’t think it’ll be as good as the one on The Amazon site presumably written by one of the talented writers who wrote this book in the frist place. So here it is:

You don’t know when it will change y *our life, or how, but the zombie plague is spreading quickly and in ways that no one could have imagined. In Part I, an independently-hired researcher watches a mysterious plague decimate an island and takes notes with a gun-toting guard at his side. but the brisk waters of the Puget Sound can’t keep it from spreading to the mainland. In Part II, follow the infection from chapter to chapter and person to person. A frightened neighborhood cat, a harmless fishing trip, a room full of infected preschoolers. perhaps someone will deliver it right to your front door. How kind. Featuring short stories that showcase the many ways in which a disease can overwhelm a city, The Spread will get you thinking of how mundane acts can become deadly. No matter your precautions, the spread will reach you. Of that you can be sure.

The authors of this book are twin sisters, and quite possibly thee coolest twins in history. This is Michelle’s second full length Zombie book, and Rebecca’s first. They’re both avid horror fans and very creative people. In fact I’m also going to post the Author bio they have posted on Amazon as you can it is far more interesting than anything I can come up with.



Michelle Kilmer: The Spread is Michelle Kilmer’s second book. She is also the author of When the Dead. She currently lives in a secured-access apartment in Seattle, WA with her husband, a machete and a fear of the dark.

965189_10200571562485334_1780550221_oRebecca Hansen Rebecca is twin sister to Michelle and lover of everything zombie. The Spread is her first contribution to the genre. When she isn’t plotting gruesome fictional deaths she fancies hiking, painting and watching low budget and foreign horror movies. A seasoned special effects make-up artist, she turns willing subjects into the walking dead on the weekends. She lives just north of Seattle with her boyfriend, three attack cats, a gun, axe, machete and small collection of knives.



Honestly I’m actually dead tired of the whole zombie craze! Yes, the idea is horrific, and yes, Romero’s dead series was effing genius! Here’s the thing though: I liked it a lot better when everyone else in the world didn’t! I guess that’s kind of a petty reason not to like something. Sorry, I digress. I got this book for review (I’m a professional critic) and I won’t lie, I was a little skeptical about reading The Spread at first, but I gave it a shot ’cause I’m a sucker for short stories. I read one short story that lead to another, and much like the topic of the book my brain was slowly devoured by zombies (in a good way.) The Spread is as imaginative as it is dark, and as chilling as it is suspenseful. Hands down this book is good, and worth the measly amount they’re asking for it. There’s true value in owning a book you can read time and time again. I’m already on my second pass. I think after that I’ll just re-touch my favorite tales when I feel like it. I look forward to seeing more work from these authors. Their ability to capture pure terror and confine it to a few pieces of paper is awe inspiring! I’d keep your eye on them here by liking the When The Dead Facebook page.

OVERALL REVIEW 10 out of 10 – Honestly how often do you see me give anything a 10? Buy this book!


Buy this book here for a measly $8.96

Also check out Michelle’s first book WHEN THE DEAD here. Although I’ve only read an excerpt from the book it seems very solid. The eBook is only $2.99

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