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Welcome to the SportWhores. BigPopaGamer and I are big sports fans, and at least once a week we discuss sporting news with each other. But rather than keep it to ourselves, we’ve decided to share the wealth with all of you. We’re sorry in advance.

The way we’re going to do work this is rather simple. We’ve picked three or four current topics to discuss, and BigPopaGamer (BPG) and I (CB) are going to agree, or not. So for our initial run, let’s talk the NFL. Free Agency is upon us, and teams are shuffling players off to new teams. In the first few weeks, we’ve already seen a few surprises. So, let’s get to it



Breaking News as it’s reported that Terrell Owens has been cut by the Cowboys

CB – Good. Look we all know he’s still a good receiver, but he’s always been more trouble and distraction than he’s worth in my opinion. Jones was quoted just a few weeks ago that if he was going to cut T.O. it’d have been done already. Well, it’s done now. So now the questions is, what’s next for T.O.?

BPG – Good riddance. He’s been nothing but trouble for every team he’s been a part of. I just think it’s funny that this happened right after Jones said what he said. Next stop Raiders?


Patriots send Matt Cassell and Mike Vrabel to the Chiefs for a 2nd round draft pick

CB – The Patriots have always had this air of mystery around them since Belichick took over. This smells of conspiracy to a lot of people. You have the old Patriots GM now at the Chiefs, and the Chiefs get what seems to be a double steal for a 2nd round pick? Sure, Brady is back, but in what condition will he be? We’ve seen other QB’s come back from knee injuries and not be themselves, at least for a year. Now you’ve shipped off a hot commodity, and an aging but still good defender. And all you have to show for it is a 2nd round pick.

BPG – Well the real gem of this trade was Cassell himself. Vrabel was thrown in to just sweeten it enough for the Chiefs to bite. I don’t expect Vrabel to play for more than another year or two. As for Cassell, he obviously proved himself last year with an improbable season coming straight from the bench. Keep in mind, though, that Cassell was a 7th round pick and now, after 4 or 5 years, the ROI on him for the Patriots is a second round pick, which Belichick loves. I think Belichick is Brady’s man and Brady is his and nothing will get in the way, even a broken knee. And if I was the Chiefs, I would think I had just landed the deal of the century to get Cassell for only a 2nd rounder.

CB – Oh the Chiefs are happy right now, no doubt. And you are correct, with Vrabel only having a few good years in his career (though he could continue to play as many others have). The chances of Belichick turning a 2nd rounder into a football god are high anyway. I’m sure the other 30 teams in the league were left scratching their head. Well, not the Raiders. They only scratch their ass.


Jay Cutler was hung out as trade fodder by the Broncos

CB – First of all, you don’t just throw your Pro Bowl QB with high potential out there to see what bites you get. Cutler is (rightly so) ticked off now at his new head coach and new GM. He’s not believing that all they were doing was entertaining offers, he feels that he was being pushed out. Now from what I’ve read, there was a possible three way deal, where Cassell would go to the Broncos, Cutler to the Lions (hey, the Broncos don’t look so bad now), and Lions giving gifts in return. Ok, if that goes through, there’s really no issue. But it didn’t and the Broncos are left to try to smooth this over.

BPG -I think Cutler is being a huge baby over this whole situation. Sure, he has a right to be mad, no doubt, but he’s taking this all personally and really it’s a business move. In 3 years at Denver he’s 17-20. Not exactly stellar numbers, but still better than either of his fellow QB’s from that class(Vince Young of the Titans and Matt Leinert of the Cardinals). If I was him, I would start thinking about how a trade to the Lions or even the Chiefs could be a better prospect than Denver. Josh McDaniels, the new coach at Denver, was a Patriots man for many years, so it’s only natural he wants Patriots on his team. I had also heard rumors of a trade to Tampa for Cutler. That, to me, sounds like the best deal of all of them. Personally, if I was Jay, I would push for a trade to Minnesota. I think he would be a great fit there and help pull that team from a mid-tier team into the upper echelon.

CB – Unfortunately, Minnesota is out as they’ve got Jackson and just got Matt Schaub from the Texans who’ll get to fight over the starter position. Cutler in Tampa would make sense though, he’s young and could afford a year or two while the team rebuilds around him.

BPG – True. And I have to say that move surprised me too. By the way, they traded for Rosenfels, not Schaub. I think the Vikings are cursed to never have a QB worth a damn.

No more Brooks & Dunn in Tampa Bay

CB – Two loved veterans, Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn are…..done in Tampa. It looks like Tampa has gone into rebuilding mode, dumping Jeff Garcia as well. So the team has freed up a lot of room in cap space, but so far has nothing to show for it. Is this the year Tampa sucks a big one in hopes of getting a high draft pick and then starts throwing the money around to get the talent around who they want? Cause reading the depth chart right now, Luke McCown (no idea) is the starter at QB. Good luck with that, guys.

BPG – I think Tampa is ready for change. So far paying the big bucks to free agents hasn’t panned out for them, besides a big Super Bowl victory back 7 years ago. With the departure of Monte Kiffin, the defensive coordinator for 14 years, so too goes the mastermind behind the defense there. With new staff and coaches, it’s time to unload some aging players and start building through the draft again. Still, the Garcia move did throw me off a bit.

CB – Indeed. He’s still good for his age. Well, that is all for this week. Tune in next week when we’ll start branching out to other sports. Hey, that March Madness thing is right around the corner………

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