The Spike VGAs, or how I wasted two hours of my life.

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Well, my expectations of the VGAs weren’t even high to begin with. A respectable video game award show is far from happening, the closest we have being the videogame BAFTAs over here in Blighty. However, lapdog Geoff Keighley was claiming that there were 12 exclusive reveals at the show, such as the first look at Halo Reach and Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands as well as games we hadn’t even seen yet. So with that, I just had to watch it out of morbid curiosity at least. The only difference being that I was watching this at 1-3am instead of 8-10pm like in America. Hit the jump for my impressions on this  “awards” show.

So things got off to a bad start straight away when Spike’s stream of the show wasn’t working. Now later on I found out that the stream wasn’t working even before the show. Clearly Spike had prepared for more than 3 people watching the stream. This was probably a symbol of how the whole show would pan out, that being disappointment. Because of this, I missed what was the only real decent reveal of the night, Arkham Asylum 2. Sure, a sequel to this year’s surprisingly good licensed game has been announced quicker than I expected but it looks to carry on the quality of the first game, this time taking place in Gotham itself. And with no release date attached, this at least might show that Rocksteady will be taking their time with it.

It was all downhill from there on though. Next up was a sequel to the True Crime series, because everyone loved those games and wanted a sequel from our lord and saviour Activision. Then the first trailer for Tron: Evolution was shown, for all of the 3 Tron fans out there. (Actually, it did look pretty cool) Following on from that was Deadliest Warrior: The Game. As you can see, kind of a downgrade going from Arkham Asylum 2 to Deadliest Warrior: The Game.

The night went on and there was just never anything to get excited about. A new trailer for Crackdown 2 was shown which is great and all but then we already knew about Crackdown 2 since it’s E3 2009 debut. Another of the new unrevealed titles was Spec Ops: The Line, or to put it another way, generic war shooter 2019. We also got to see the first CGI footage of the new Prince of Persia title, pretty much revealing nothing excpet what you’d expect from a Prince of Persia game. There was also the new Medal of Honor game, which to the untrained eye, looks like Modern Warfare 3.


The one that worried me the most out of the revealed games was Green Day: Rock Band. Now we knew that some kind of Green Day game was on the cards but most thought that it would just be a track pack ala the ACDC Live track pack. What we didn’t know is that it would be a full out proper game ala The Beatles: Rock Band. Now contrary to popular opinion, I still enjoy Green Day’s music, but like them or not, they are not deserving of their own game. The Beatles, you could understand, but here, it could easily have been a track pack or DLC. The track list will be exportable but it still seems entirely pointless when what I and many others really want to see is Rock Band 3, not Harmonix falling into the trap of band-centred titles. Besides, from experience, this game will not match how insane a Green Day concert can be.

To top off all of this disappointment, the new Star Wars game was revealed. It wasn’t Star Wars: Legends, it wasn’t Battlefront 3 and it wasn’t Rogue Squadron 4. So what was it? Wait for it…The Force Unleashed…2. Just think about that for a moment. In the end, I found an enjoyment for the first game despite it’s faults, but there was no way the game could have a sequel without making the first game’s story completely pointless. Spoilers or not, anyone would realise that the apprentice dies in the first game, as otherwise, he would have popped up in Episode IV. We even see his dead body at the end of the game. However, it seems that he has risen from the dead as he fights a massive monster in an all CGI trailer while Yoda and Vader provide fanservice through voiceovers.

Even the trailer for Halo Reach couldn’t save this dire awards show. The awards were pointless, the reveals were disappointing for the most part and nearly all of the guests were just plain insulting, appealing to us as if we all fit into the media created stereotypical gaming nerd. Sure, Samuel Jackson is a badass motherfucker, but I didn’t stream this show so I could watch Snoop Doggy Dogg act like a complete tosser. All I know is that next year, I’ll just catch up the next day instead of wasting two hours when I could have been sleeping.

P.S: If we had the same amount of adverts that you Americans have, I would have gone loopy by now.

(video stills courtesy of Gametrailers)

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