Alan Smithee

The Special Olympics & Our President

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This post is dedicated to the people who are blowing the President Obama and his appearance on Jay Leno completely out of proportion.

  • The best thing about making jokes about retards…is that they don’t know your lauging AT them.
  • Q: How do you get a retard to commit suicide? A: Put a knife in his hand and ask him “Who’s Special?”
    • Why Beer is Better Than Retarded People

    • Beer doesn’t drool.
    • Beer stains wash out easier than drool.
    • Beer will wait patiently in the car while you play (football, etc.)
    • Beer is never late.
    • You don’t have to limit yourself to bisyllabic words in discourse with beer.
    • Beer doesn’t cry if you forget it.
    • Beer doesn’t vote.
    • Beer never answers your phone.
    • Beer doesn’t work your crossword puzzles in ink.
    • Beer doesn’t demand to watch cartoons.
    • Beer won’t ask loud, embarressing questions in public.
    • If the head’s too big on your beer you can blow it off.
    • If the head’s too small on your beer you can get another.
    • Beer doesn’t have to be sterilized.

    There, now hate on us and let the man get back to work and fix this nation that had its reigns in the hands of a coke-addled retard for the past 8 years. C’mon jokes are about laughing at yourself, not other people…take your god-damned medicine and get back on the short-bus.

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