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The Smurfs – Trailer #3

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Crom forgive me, I honestly think I’m going to end up seeing this movie.

I wouldn’t even blame it on the kids or make it a daddy/daughter date either. I’m honestly intrigued by the latest trailer for this movie. It’s gotta be the casting of Hank Azaria and NPH that has me geeking a bit to see this terrible terrible looking live-action remake of the insanely popular (in Europe) comic and cartoon series.

The best bit had to be when Mr. Harris decides that he’s had enough of the Smurfs saying “smurf” all the time and he just smurfs the loving smurf out of the word smurf in front of the smurfing Smurfs! I could even recognize Jonathan Winters (google him kids, he’s old school comedy, and a previous cartoon smurf voice actor) as Papa Smurf and Katy Perry is Smurfette. Oh god, what’s wrong with me?!?

The movie will be launched in 3D and 2D on the 29th of July. I will be there to see it a few weeks later…hopefully at a theater that serves drinks, otherwise I’m bringing a flask.

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