The Shape of Water Proves to be a Contender for Best Picture

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The Shape of Water is a chilling symphony in blues and greens and blue-greens and green-blues and aquamarines and teals, maybe just teal. Teal with rust accents that contrast and add to a meticulous patina that is both subtle and deeply metaphorical.

The plot is one you’ve seen a hundreds times, just with a flashy new gimmick. It’s your typical romantic period piece, except with a monster as the love interest. When watching this you see homages to the Creature From the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein, Amèlie, and a few other cult movies. At its heart, The Shape of Water is nothing more than a romantic drama with a twist.

In retrospect I’ve imagined The Shape of Water as a song, a simple one. While del Toro may be playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he’s playing it with all the skill and subtle nuance of Mozart himself. And he’s not playing it by himself, this isn’t a solo performance by any means. Accompanying del Toro (and possibly out preforming him) is renowned cinematographer Dan Laustsen. Someone who has made del Toro’s films glow and shine a few times before. In the choir and equally important is the assemble cast that is lead by the mesmerizing Sally Hawkins. Supporting her are Octavia Spencer, Michael Shannon, and not only the nicest actor in Hollywood, but probably the most underrated as well: Doug Jones.

We are in the middle of award season, and The Shape of Water has already received the most Golden Globe nominations with a total of seven. It’s safe to say that when the Academy Award nominations are announced The Shape of Water will receive a few there as well. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone disappointed by this, and quite frankly if Sally Hawkins doesn’t win an award for Best Actress I will be greatly disappointed.

Go see The Shape of Water. Support art, support monsters, support beauty and romance. Super hero movies and space operas are a dime a dozen, tell Hollywood we need more movies with heart, and substance. Tell them not to be afraid to make something different.

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