The Segagate Scandal: Lid Slighty Lifted On Sonic Team’s Problems

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I know you’re probably sick of me writing about Sonic Team or SEGA but this was just too good to pass up. Besides I’m MWN’s resident Ex-Sonic fanboy.  Our story begins in 2006 when a user named “jpeg” started writing blogs. He was just like any normal blogger but he claimed that he worked in the games industry. Now those of us with superior intellects would have ignored him, as most anonymous people who claim they work in the games industry are talking bullshit. So he was ignored, especially in 2007, when he claimed in his rant about NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams that he knew Sonic Team on a “professional” level. Well it turns out what he would claim about Sonic Team in that post was the truth, As you’ll find out after the jump.

At the end of his article he claimed that Sonic Team were past it and needed to put down for the good of SEGA’s remaining IPs, before “they release another Sonic game with a transforming Evil ‘Night’ Sonic who looks like a werewolf and can stretch his arms out Dhalsim-style. It will happen, mark my words.” Hmm. Transforming evil ‘night’ Sonic? Looks like a werewolf and can stretch his arms? Sounds familiar right? Of course it does, because he is describing the features of Werehog Sonic in recent travesty Sonic Unleashed. Now this was written a whole year before Sonic Unleashed was even announced. Does this mean that Sonic Team were working on the game or at least in concept? If so it’s pretty depressing since they still managed to fuck up, even with all that time.

Apparently it’s illegal to hint at stuff like that so all his posts were promptly removed. However they were found in an archived site thanks to some effort by a GHZ forums user and looking at his blogspot account revealed that he is Ben Andac, who worked as a games evaluator for SEGA Europe. It reveals a few other things about SEGA and Sonic Team’s relationship.  For one, NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams was originally an Xbox 360/PS3 title but due to how well the Wii was and still is doing, SEGA forced Sonic Team to remake their current creation for the Wii instead, with only one year to do it. NiGHTS fans must be raging after they waited so long for a NiGHTS sequel. 

It also reveals that Andac likened Sonic Team to a sweatshop, forced to milk the shit out of Sonic’s cash cow, year after year. NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams was just a break in between the year after year of new Sonic games. It’s no wonder then that Yuji Naka left the company he helped to make famous and we know that he hasn’t lost his creative touch after seeing’s Let’s Tap revealed last year. In the end it tells a sad tale of SEGA and their treatment of Sonic Team and it makes me worry about anything they touch. I would love a new Streets Of Rage game but after reading this, I’m not so sure anymore.


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