The Rum Diary trailer is here

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And its looking just a little less crazy than that other film adaptation of a Hunter S Thompson story.

I’ve got to say, isn’t it great to genuinely be looking forward to a Johnny Depp starring film again? While The Rum Diary isn’t being helmed by Terry Gilliam, Depp looks to be in full Raoul Duke mode for this, at least in voice and from some of the mannerisms he shows in the trailer. Aside from that, it just looks like a really fun film that doesn’t take itself seriously and has that half trippy half serious tone that you’d be expect from a Thompson story.

The Rum Diary is the second novel he wrote and he never actually published it until 1998 and is loosely based on his time in Puerto Rico in 1960. The only thing that worries me from the trailer is the focus on the romantic elements, but that may have been built up more than it actually is for marketing purposes. The Rum Diary is out October 26th.

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