Alan Smithee

The Return of Difficult Games: Hooray!!!

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I read this morning on VG247 about an interview from Touch-DS that the creator of the the Dragon Quest series Yuji Horii has reported to the masses that the upcoming Dragon Quest game (ninth in the series) will be ‘hard’. You guys all remember when games actually took some skill and plenty of invested time to beat? I do too. Quoted from the interview, Yuji says:

“It’s harder than any of the previous titles, and the enemies are also powerful… We strengthened the bosses, stuff like that.”

The last difficult RPG that I played where I actually feared for my characters’ lives was Lost Odyssey, especially the first major boss battle at the top of the Ipsilon Mountains…man that bitch took some work to bring down. I’m just really happy to know that some of the old-school developers are happy to actually challenge the players for a change. It’s too bad that the proposed Nintendo ‘demo-play’ system was also reported to be coming to the DS today as well. Oh well.

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