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The “refreshed” Deckbuilder’s Toolkit Arrives March 11th

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The “new” Deckbuilder’s Toolkit will be available March 11th.

I am a huge fan of the Deckbuilder’s Toolkit. It is designed to help new players get a grasp of how they should be building their decks and includes a lot of staples to get you started in the right direction. Wizards is “updating” the product offering by including newer cards in the “semi-random” assortment including cards from the most current sets available, as well as including more recent boosters. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Wizards’ card boxes they include in the product. I’ve talked to several new players recently and they’ve all agreed that sometimes you don’t think about needing a card box until your collection grows out of control.

From the Wizards’ site:

125 semi-randomized cards suitable for building several different Magic decks
Four 15-card booster packs from a variety of recent Magic: The Gathering sets
100 basic land cards to help you cast your spells
Deck builder’s guide with tips about building the best Magic decks
Magic “learn to play” guide
Full-art reusable card storage box

I would say, if you already have purchased one of these back when they were first introduced you probably don’t need to rebuy here. The value of the box set is that it includes 4 boosters (roughly 16 dollars in value) so if you want the box four dollars isn’t that bad considering how durable these boxes are.

The MSRP is 19.99. The new thing about this set is that it will be available in more languages this time around (last year it was available only in English).

Check out this sweet box art featuring some of the Planeswalkers:

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