Alan Smithee

The Real Reason Your Parent’s Didn’t Want You Playing Videogams

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Now watch as I fire upon them through my own base!!!
We’ve all seen stories of videogame characters running amuk and destroying shit…most memorable would be the episode of Futurama “Anthology of Interest II” episode where Fry battled Lur’s onslaught of Space Invaders. Well, just imagine if the city of New New York was real and it wasn’t just Donkey Kong and Space Invaders messing things up.

Below is the video “Pixels” by Patrick Jean, one of the best bits of live-action mixed with video game animation I’ve seen in a long time. It also answers the question of “why did our parents hate us spending so much time gaming?”

Now we know why…it’s because they’d end up destroying New York, then the entire world.

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