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The Real Ghostbusters Amazing Box Set

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ghostbusters set

Holy christ, where the hell was I when this show was on? From 1986-1991 and I missed the entire thing? They have 147 episodes in this series? That’s easily 3 times what Robotech got. Boy did I back the wrong series.

I haven’t seen this in the stores yet, but I’m sure any of you die-hard fans of The Real Ghostbusters already have it…this is just news to me and a very tempting purchase (if I had $180 lying around). According to the site:

Available for the first time on DVD! Get all 147 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters plus over TWELVE HOURS of bonus material. This special offer includes a deluxe firehouse collector’s box with lenticular (hologram) panels on the front and sides. Inside this box are 5 separate steel book cases containing a total of 25 DVDs with every episode from The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer!

So not only do you get the restored episodes on DVD, but you also get all the episodes of Slimer? That my friends is 160 episodes of awesome for about a dollar an episode…man, I know what to put on my wish list for Xmas this year.

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