‘The Professionals’ Film remake set for pre-production in the fall

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Lionsgate UK are remaking the 1970s British TV series The Professionals for the big screen.Callum McDougall and Richard Whelan will be producing the film and are previously responsible for producing Quantum Of Solace/Casino Royale and Captain America (2011) respectively.

The TV series was a British cop show that followed two secret agents, Bodie and Doyle, who worked for the the law enforcement department C15 and fought your standard terrorists, crime groups and espionage suspects in a 1970s crime TV show. The show was created by Brian Clemens, who had previously been responsible for The Avengers (nothing to do with the Marvel group).

The Professionals’ plot will be an origin story based on the characters featured in the original TV series. It will show how Bodie and Doyle first meet and join forces to work for the UK security unit C15.

Lionsgate are talking to Tom Hardy, Gerard Butler and Jason Statham about the two lead roles of Bodie and Doyle, and Liam Neeson and Gary Oldman are on the list of potential actors to play their boss Cowley.

Two Cents
Yet another remake on the horizon, but it does sound like it has potential as long as it’s at least some dumb but fun action. There’s still plenty of cop dramas on British television today but I can’t think of any recent films that have focused on the law enforcers in the UK rather than the criminals. The listed actors are promising too, but then I wouldn’t take those details too seriously until there are more details.

Source: Deadline

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