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The Possible Sad Truth about a Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Advance Screening

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As the PR Guy for WatchPlayRead, I’ve been getting you could say, A LOT of questions about the upcoming Star Wars movie. Especially when it comes to terms of the Advance Screening. Typically a friend, family member or two will ask me what they need to sacrifice to the movie gods to come with me to a press screening. Lets say, if such gods were to be pleased for this film, I’d have a long line of people with braying animals in wait.

The world premiere for The Force Awakens is on Monday, December 14th in LA. Usually that isn’t an issue for advance screenings everywhere else, which might be on that same Wednesday or Thursday.

Have you noticed how little we still actually know about The Force Awakens? There is a reason for that, and Disney/Lucasfilm knows that the second all the details are out there, everyone and their kid sister is going to be talking about it. So, what I’m hearing from the grapevine and some of my studio contacts is that because of the secrecy that is already being applied to the film. The movie studios are wanting to maintain that hold for as long as possible, perhaps even up to Thursday when the Midnight premieres start. Which means there will be a solid 3 days between the world premiere in LA on December 14th and the General Audience premiere at Midnight on Thursday/Friday December 18th. Right now, all I know is that some companies are doing Private Screenings on the 17th and using those as promotional material to boost their brands. So, if you’re holding out hopes that we are going to be doing an advance screening giveaway, take a deep breath and hone your force powers, compel the studios to do the screenings. This may just be the only chance for us to see the movie before everyone else. I’m saying this now, so that if things DO change and we DO get to have a giveaway or two for advance screening tickets, it’ll be awesome. If not though? You’ve been warned, it can’t hurt to pre-order your tickets now.

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